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Supreme Court rules Trump cannot be kicked off any ballot

In a major victory for election integrity and the rule of law, the Supreme Court has rightly overturned a blatantly partisan Colorado court ruling that aimed to unconstitutionally bar President Trump from running for office again over the January 6th protests at the Capitol.

The unsigned ruling from the nation’s highest court swiftly and unanimously reversed the rogue Colorado Supreme Court’s unprecedented decision invoking the 14th Amendment to declare Trump ineligible as a presidential candidate. The Supreme Court made clear that only Congress, not individual states, has the authority to enforce that proviso of the Constitution.

This definitive rebuke of the Colorado court’s anti-democratic overreach could not have come at a more pivotal moment, with the state’s Republican primary looming just a day after the ruling. It ensures that the choice of which candidate to nominate will be left solely in the hands of Colorado voters, as it should be, rather than having their options unilaterally limited by activist judges.

The Supreme Court has taken a disciplined, originalist stance by adhering to the Constitution’s framework establishing that presidential eligibility standards must be set at the federal level through proper legislative processes. In doing so, they have blocked a dangerous effort by the Left to distort the 14th Amendment as a partisan weapon to nullify candidates they dislike based on wildly strained “insurrection” allegations.

While Trump opponents desperately sought to capitalize on the January 6th riots to cast him as constitutionally disqualified from office, the Supreme Court has made it clear this was a cynical ploy lacking any sound legal basis. The ruling is a repudiation of frivolous attempts to exploit the events of that day for rank political purposes at the expense of democratic norms.

With their power grab rejected, Trump’s antagonists must now make their case against him through genuine persuasion of the electorate, rather than scheming to have him unilaterally barred from the ballot by judicial fiat. The Constitution’s systems have held, averting a perilous precedent of allowing partisan state actors to bypass the will of voters by arbitrarily declaring disfavored candidates ineligible.

This forceful course correction from the Supreme Court upholds the sacred principle that the American people alone get to determine their presidential candidates through free and fair elections – not oligarchic partisans in robes abusing their power. It is a triumph for constitutional order over anti-democratic ambitions.