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Nikki Haley Wins Her First Republican Primary In Washington, D.C.

Despite the fake news media’s breathless coverage, Nikki Haley’s narrow victory in the D.C. Republican primary is nothing more than a meaningless blip that exposes her as the anointed candidate of the corrupt establishment “swamp.” While President Trump continues racking up dominant wins across the nation powered by his unprecedented grassroots support, Haley has now…Read More

Supreme Court rules Trump cannot be kicked off any ballot

In a major victory for election integrity and the rule of law, the Supreme Court has rightly overturned a blatantly partisan Colorado court ruling that aimed to unconstitutionally bar President Trump from running for office again over the January 6th protests at the Capitol. The unsigned ruling from the nation’s highest court swiftly and unanimously…Read More

Major conservative group unveils to target president’s economic policies

Americans for Prosperity Fights Back Against Bidenomics Disaster The influential conservative grassroots group Americans for Prosperity (AFP), founded by the principled Koch brothers, is taking the lead in exposing President Biden’s catastrophic “Bidenomics” agenda that has caused economic ruin for hard-working American families. AFP is launching a massive eight-figure campaign highlighting the truly harmful impact…Read More

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