Nikki Haley Wins Her First Republican Primary In Washington, D.C.

Despite the fake news media’s breathless coverage, Nikki Haley’s narrow victory in the D.C. Republican primary is nothing more than a meaningless blip that exposes her as the anointed candidate of the corrupt establishment “swamp.”

While President Trump continues racking up dominant wins across the nation powered by his unprecedented grassroots support, Haley has now been officially crowned the darling of the Washington, D.C. insider crowd after capturing just 63% of the vote in the heavily rigged D.C. primary. Her campaign is actually trying to tout this pathetic result as “historic” simply because she’s a woman. What an insult to female voters’ intelligence.

The truth is that without D.C.’s cabal of lobbyists, special interests, and anti-MAGA bureaucrats rallying behind her, Haley would be completely non-viable. She’s been summarily rejected everywhere else, trailing President Trump by massive double-digit margins in every legitimate primary so far. Her 43 paltry delegates to Trump’s 244 and counting demonstrate the futility of her vanity run.

No amount of swamp support can bail out the severely flawed Haley, who shamelessly broke her promise never to oppose Trump’s re-election after he made her a star on the global stage as UN Ambassador. Apparently the lure of power and establishment favor proved too irresistible for the ethically-challenged Haley, who has zilch credibility with the MAGA base after abandoning her pledge.

While Trump racks up victories backed by a unprecedented multiracial working class coalition united behind his America First agenda, Haley’s only constituency is the Beltway elite dead-set on preserving their cozy globalist racket at the expense of US sovereignty. Her D.C. “win” lays bare the pathetic reality that she’s nothing but a desperate tool for the uni-party swamp creatures desperate to protect their grift from Trump’s draining efforts.

Of course, the fake news is breathlessly hyping Haley’s meaningless D.C. “triumph” because they know it’s the best they can do to try creating a mirage of momentum for their chosen establishment spoiler candidate. But real Republicans across America’s heartland see right through this charade and are sticking with the only real conservative champion in President Trump.

As the critical Super Tuesday contests loom, where Trump is set to expand his delegate juggernaut even further, D.C.’s futile anti-MAGA theatrics will be quickly forgotten. The American people are firmly in President Trump’s corner and no amount of Inside-the-Beltway hijinks can change that reality. Haley and the D.C. swamp have already lost in spectacular fashion.