‘No Labels’ Chief Expresses Interest In Haley Joining Ticket

After Nikki Haley’s recent primary loss to Donald Trump, the political group No Labels said they would be interested in her as a potential third-party candidate.

Joe Cunningham, the National Director of No Labels and a former Democratic congressman, entertained the idea of a Haley independent run on Fox News Sunday. He said “We’re looking for great, quality people with broad appeal to independents, Democrats and Republicans. Yes, Nikki Haley is definitely someone we’d be interested in.”

No Labels is promoting a potential “Unity Ticket” for those dissatisfied with a Trump-Biden rematch. Though the group says it is not currently considering specific candidates as it focuses on ballot access.

After losing in South Carolina, Haley told supporters she would not yet drop out despite pressure. “I’m not giving up this fight when most Americans disapprove of Trump and Biden,” she said.

Trump now has 107 delegates to Haley’s 17. 1,215 are needed for the nomination. More states will vote in the coming weeks before the ticket is officially decided.

No Labels says it will decide if it will offer a separate ballot line to a Unity Ticket shortly after March 15, ten days after Super Tuesday. Senator Joe Manchin and Rep. Dean Phillips have been tied to the effort, but Manchin declined to run.