GOP AGs warn Biden admin of ‘catastrophic’ consequences of FAA pushing DEI over merit based hiring

A coalition of nearly a dozen attorneys general from various states has penned a letter to the Biden administration, raising concerns about the hiring practices within the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and their potential impact on passenger safety.

In the letter addressed to FAA Administrator Michael Whitaker, Kansas Republican AG Kris Kobach and his counterparts highlight their unease regarding recent reports indicating a shift in the agency’s hiring priorities. They assert that the FAA appears to prioritize diversity initiatives over aviation expertise, potentially jeopardizing safety standards for air travelers.

The attorneys general allege that the FAA’s focus has shifted away from merit-based hiring towards diversity initiatives, citing statements from the agency’s strategic plan aimed at diversifying its workforce. They express concern over past efforts, including the recruitment of individuals with severe intellectual and psychiatric disabilities during the Obama administration, which they view as compromising the agency’s core responsibilities.

Furthermore, the letter references recent events such as a “Year of Inclusion” symposium and racial sensitivity training, suggesting a continued emphasis on diversity initiatives despite concerns raised about their impact on job performance.

Highlighting the critical importance of ensuring air travel safety, the attorneys general stress the need for the FAA to prioritize merit-based hiring practices once again. They argue that only the most qualified aviation experts should be entrusted with the responsibility of safeguarding American skies.

Kansas AG Kris Kobach emphasized the urgency of the matter, citing recent FAA failures and an increase in near aircraft collisions. He underscores the vital role of hiring qualified aviation experts in upholding safety standards and protecting the lives of passengers.

In addition to Kobach, the letter is signed by attorneys general from Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, and Texas. Despite their outreach, the FAA has not yet responded to requests for comment from Fox News Digital.