Joe Manchin Reveals Reason He Decided To Not Run For President; Declines To Endorse Biden

In a stunning interview on CNN, Senator Joe Manchin revealed he decided against running for president in 2024 due to the extreme dysfunction he has witnessed in Congress.

Manchin slammed his Democratic colleagues for caving to pressure from the far-left and failing to pass common sense border security legislation. He cited an instance where Democrats initially supported border security but backed down after being attacked by Donald Trump.

The Senator issued a stark warning to Joe Biden that he has veered way too far to the left and desperately needs a major course correction before the midterm elections. Otherwise, Democrats will face an electoral bloodbath this November.

When asked if he will endorse Biden’s reelection bid, Manchin refused to commit his support. He made clear his priority is dragging the administration back to the political center, which is where most Americans stand.

Manchin stated the strength of the country lies with centrist voters, not the extreme factions of either party. He pledged to do everything in his power to block the efforts of extremists on both sides to impose their radical agendas on the nation.

On the question of a potential Biden vs. Trump rematch, the West Virginia Democrat kept his options open. Manchin noted additional candidates may still enter the race. His noncommittal response underscores how shaky Biden’s standing is, even among members of his own party.

The interview provided a stark indictment of the Democratic Party’s leftward lurch under Biden’s leadership. Senator Manchin’s willingness to call out his colleagues’ failures shows why he remains a rare voice of moderation in a party increasingly dominated by its radical fringe.