Boo-Hoo – Mexico Warns US If Tariffs Put In Place It Will Cut Off NAFTA Talks

Mexico Warns US: We’ll Cut Off NAFTA Talks If Tariffs Proposed

President Trump, in one of his first acts after taking office on January 20, 2017, was to pull the US out of the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership), and has called NAFTA ‘”the worst trade deal ever”.

During his campaign, Trump indicated he was in favor of as much as a 35% import tax on Mexican made automobiles, alluding to the proceeds be used to assist with funding “The Wall”.

Mexico, in turn, indicates that what is being dubbed ‘The Border Adjustment Tax’ is something that is squarely a US domestic fiscal matter without specifically naming ‘The Wall’ costs nor Trump’s position that Mexico WILL pay for ‘The Wall’.

Politics also enters into the picture because of Mexico’s Presidential election in July of 2018 followed by America’s Mid-Term elections the following November. ¬†Whichever Mexican presidential candidate takes the hardest stance AGAINST any tariffs imposed by the US is likely to carry the vote, likewise in the US Mid-Term elections the candidates who most STRONGLY agree with Trump’s plan to impose tariffs will in all likelihood have a better chance of election, granting that this will not be the only issues facing the American voters in two years.

Trump’s performance in other area as outlined in his campaign and his success in their implementation (and those candidates who stand in his way and block or otherwise attempt to derail his agenda) will be of utmost importance in the decisions made at the voting booths.

The American people in a complete landslide decision this past election chose to ‘drain the swamp’ and begin rebuilding America to its once former greatness. ¬†Trump has made many positive moves to fulfill his promises but has a long way to go and almost 4 more years to get there.

Let’s stand behind President Trump, support him in his endeavors and push our Congresspeople to respect the will of the people that put them there.

Make no mistake, President Trump needs OUR support now more than ever if we expect to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

Editorial by Steve Smith for WCBM.COM

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