Dem Congressional Candidate: We “Deserved” 9/11, “One Of The Greatest Events In Human History”

A deranged former Manhattan prosecutor and longtime defense attorney is getting blasted by his colleagues for telling a popular website that 9/11 “was one of the greatest events in human history.”

Scott Fenstermaker, in inflammatory remarks for the “Humans of New York” website, said the country “got what it deserved” because of past injustices and unapologetically praised the terrorist act that changed the world and scarred New York forever.

“I’ve had people threaten to kill me. I’ve had people threaten to rape my children. But I’ll keep saying it,” Fenstermarker said in the shocking profile.

“I think the people in those towers died as representatives for the rest of us, for our crimes against humanity,” he’s quoted as saying. “Not only do I think that 9/11 was deserved, I think it was one of the greatest events in human history.”[…]

When reached by the Daily News Wednesday, the delusional counselor, who says he is running for Congress, brushed off the outrage.

“I don’t believe there are that many people that are upset,” he barked.