FOX News Suspends Contributor Agreement With Gingrich Over Possible VP Pick

Fox News Suspends Contributor Agreement With Gingrich

By Jason Devaney | Tuesday, 12 Jul 2016 05:03 PM

Ginngrich will no longer appear as a guest on Fox News because of his place on Donald Trump’s vice presidential short list.

“Fox News Channel has mutually agreed to suspend its contributor agreement with Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich effective immediately,” the network said in a statement, first reported by CNN.

Gingrich appeared on Fox News Channel Tuesday afternoon and addressed both the network’s decision to suspend him and also Trump’s upcoming decision on a running mate.

“I don’t know much. My guess is you’re going to hear either tomorrow or Thursday,” Gingrich said. “Certainly no later than Friday, because they’re going to want to dominate the weekend news with the vice presidential selection.

“I think clearly [Indiana] Governor [Mike] Pence is deeply in the running. I think [New Jersey] Gov. [Chris] Christie is in the running. I’ve been part of the process. We’ll see what happens over the next two or three days.

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“It’s a little bit like ‘The Apprentice.’ You find out sooner or later who is the last one standing.”

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Trump is expected to fetch the Republican Party’s presidential nomination at the convention in Cleveland next week.

Gingrich said choosing a running mate is a “personal decision” for a presidential candidate.

“Donald Trump may like all of us, but he’s got to say, ‘If I am going to be president for the next four to eight years, I want to have somebody with me. What is the right chemistry? Who do I need to help me be as effective as possible?’

“That’s a very personal decision and nobody else can make it for him.”

Gingrich said last week he was being vetted by the Trump campaign. Trump also confirmed Gingrich will play a role in his administration, whether it’s as vice president or another position.