Understanding Donald Trump’s “America First” Economic Proposals

Understanding Donald Trump’s “America First” Economic Proposals…

This is a modified and updated repost from an early January ’16 outline which collected data from all of the various Donald Trump interviews, position papers, and historical outlines. Candidate Trump has been speaking about broad U.S. economic issues for decades. Trump approaches the challenges by focusing on “Main Street”, not Wall Street.

For the sake of brevity, I’m going to accept that most readers here are familiar with who funds and directs Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush, and in larger more consequential measures, the DC UniParty legislative team in charge of U.S. Policy, ie. Wall street.

During the January 2016 South Carolina debate, and in response to Trump pointing out a necessary shift in trade position (a shift to put American interests first – a shift to stop the dependency on cheap import goods – a shift to use China’s dependency on access to our market to OUR advantage), Jeb Bush came back with an example of Boeing manufacturing.