Mitch McConnell Trashes Trump: Start Acting Like a Real Candidate (AUDIO)

Mitch McConnell Trashes Trump in 97.1 FM Radio Interview: Quit Attacking Various Ethnic Groups, Start Acting Like a Real Candidate (AUDIO)

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell went on The Dave Glover Show Thursday on 97.1 FM Talk Radio in St. Louis.

McConnell promoted his book The Long Game about his life in politics.

McConnell then went on to trash Donald Trump.

FM Host Mark Close: Senator you’ve been in Washington a long time. Can you compare this election season with anything you’ve seen in the past?

McConnell: No, this is a totally different kind of year. Obviously we have a nominee who is very, very different. And the Republican primary voters wanted somebody who is very, very different and that’s who we have… It’s going to be a very unpopular choice, you know, because Hillary Clinton has very high negatives, as well. So there are a lot of Americans who are going to look at the choice and say, “Goodness gracious, is this the best two we could find from a country of 330 million people?”

FM host: Yeah, I’ll say.

McConnell: But it’s a choice… What I’ve said was if you’re happy with the country if you’re happy with this tepid recovery after this deep recession then vote for Hillary. If you think we ought to do something different then obviously that is Trump. My advice for Trump, both publicly and privately, is to start acting like a real candidate for president. Quit attacking the people you beat in the primary, quit attacking various ethnic groups. I’d like to see Donald Trump start acting like a real candidate for president.