Hillary Clinton Implies Trump is a Nazi “He’s of German Heritage” (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton lobbed the video equivalent of a Nazi buzz bomb at Donald Trump on Saturday by making his German heritage a campaign issue.

The 37-second clip decrying Trump’s attacks on federal Judge Gonzalo Curiel’s Mexican heritage was subtle — but fans and foes got the message: Clinton thinks Trump, like the Nazis, hates people based on their race.

“His heritage is German. Heil Trump!” tweeted Trump foe Michael Gilmor‏.

“We can all hear the ‘dog whistle’ — she’s calling ‘Drumpf’ a Nazi because he’s German,” posted James Sweitzer.

The clip, backed by ominous music and linked on Twitter, ostensibly concerns Trump’s continued attacks on Curiel, who is presiding over class-action lawsuits brought by Trump University students who claim they were ripped off.

Curiel was born in Indiana to Mexican immigrants. Trump, who wants to build a wall between the US and Mexico and deport illegal immigrants, says Curiel’s heritage makes the judge biased against him.