PATHETIC: Bill Kristol Tries to Recruit National Review Staff Writer to Run Against Trump

Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol wrote Tuesday he wants to recruit National Review columnist David French to mount an independent presidential bid.

Kristol has been seeking, unsuccessfully, to get a well-known conservative politician to challenge presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton in November.

Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican nominee, has already given up on a similar effort.

In a column pre-dated June 6, Kristol compares this year’s election process to Argentina, calling the current list of candidates “a self-righteous socialist who’s learned nothing in 50 years except how to rally the economically illiterate and uninformed; an heir to wealth who’s done nothing impressive in 50 years except to hone his skills as a self-promoter and demagogue; and an insider who’s climbed the greasy pole alongside her husband, enriching herself and her family through 50 years of ‘public service.’”