Democrats’ Civil War Is Only Just Getting Started

By Matt Rhoades, The New York Post

During the last few election cycles, Democrats have gleefully watched as the Republican Party ripped itself apart in a battle over ideological purity. But they shouldn’t get too comfortable: Their civil war is upon us, too.

In 2010 and 2012, divisive Senate primaries led to unpalatable GOP general-election candidates in Nevada, Delaware, Missouri, Indiana and Colorado — all states that could have elected Republican senators and provided a nearly filibuster-proof majority. Democrats laughed as the GOP shot itself in the foot.

Now, in 2016, I have three words for Democrats: Winter is here. Your party is now locked in a fierce civil war, the populists are at the gate and there are more bloody battles in store.

In one corner is the Hillary Clinton wing of the party, represented by the liberal establishment in the Acela Corridor. These are the left-of-center party leaders interested only in preserving power.