Trump Attacks Media as ‘Slime,’ Protesters as Babies at New Mexico Rally

Trump attacks media as ‘slime,’ protesters as babies at New Mexico rally

– The Washington Times – Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump said Tuesday the blowback he has received after raising millions for military veterans earlier this year has exposed an ugly side of politics and the media.

“We raised all of this money and then you get bad press, and I am the only one that could get bad press with raising that kind of money,” Mr. Trump said at a rally in New Mexico, pushing back against news reports questioning the amount of money that he raised at his January fundraiser in Iowa and how much has since been distributed.

“So the system is against me and you know what, it has been from the beginning — but I love it because there is nothing better than beating the system,” he said.

The Washington Post reported Tuesday that the Trump camp has sent mixed signals about how much money had been raised at the event earlier this year. It also reported that the New York businessman finally followed through on his promise to donate $1 million to veterans four months after vowing to do so, and after being badgered by media outlets.

Speaking in Albuquerque, Mr. Trump said he raised between $5.5 to $5.7 million for veterans, and said groups had to be vetted before the money was doled out.



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