Peter Schweizer: More ‘Clinton Cash’ Investigations Coming

(Daily Caller) – The Daily Caller News Foundation spoke on the phone with Peter Schweizer, author of “Clinton Cash,” ahead of the premiere at the Cannes film festival of a documentary of the same name based on his New York Times bestseller.

TheDCNF: So how does the documentary differ from the book?

PS: It’s taking the material from the book and we basically go into the narrative in a way that’s even more accessible. We wanted to make sure we document and footnote in detail in the timeline, we do that in the documentary but in a visual way that makes it more accessible. I realize there are people that are very busy that don’t have time to read through the book, so this is something more accessible. That’s the main motivation behind the documentary and we’re very excited about it.

TheDCNF: Besides the documentary, what else is going on with your investigations into the finances of the Clintons and what other ways can people inform themselves about all this?

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