9-11 First Responder Helped By Trump: ‘He’s a Humanitarian,’ ‘Reaches Out, He Donates’

Philip Kirschner, a 9-11 first responder who is struggling with his health in the aftermath of his service, spoke to Breitbart News about how Donald Trump helped him during a time of need.

Kirschner, although struggling to survive after having heart problems and kidney cancer among other health issues, doesn’t regret helping people on 9-11 and wants people to know, “We would do it again, but we’re not discardable.”

In 2011, Kirschner was hospitalized in Florida and needed to get to the Cleveland Clinic.

“I was given a dual channel AICD, which has been deployed several times and has saved my life,” Kirschner recalls. He believes Trump is the reason he was able to get transported from Florida to Cleveland.