Zogby: ‘Hillary Clinton Is a Damaged Candidate’

John Zogby: ‘Hillary Clinton Is a Damaged Candidate’


By: Todd Beamon

Pollster John Zogby told Newsmax TV on Tuesday that “Hillary Clinton is a damaged candidate” and that Donald Trump could attack her on several fronts.

“It’s not so much the email process,” Zogby told host Steve Malzberg on “America Votes: 2016” in an interview. “I think it’s mainly email content.”

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“Trump is going to be all over the Clinton Foundation and that’s going to be a nasty one.

“The other problem that she has is I think she’s treating Bernie Sanders like Sister Souljah: ‘Hey, just ignore him. Why isn’t he going to drop out? Why isn’t he a team player?’

“Misunderstanding that, she really needs Bernie Sanders a whole lot more than Bernie Sanders needs her going into the general election,” Zogby said. “She does very, very badly with young voters.

“If they don’t show up to vote, and they may not, unless Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama suggest that they should vote for her because she could lose.

“Let’s put it that way. She could lose.”