Trump Blasts Cruz-Fiorina Ticket Roll-Out as ‘Waste of time’

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump, at a Fox News-hosted town hall in Indianapolis, on Wednesday blasted rival Ted Cruz’s decision to announce a running mate even though he’s losing the nomination race – calling it a “waste of time.”

Shortly afterward, though, Cruz VP pick Carly Fiorina fired back, saying the race isn’t over yet and “close doesn’t count.”

The back-and-forth capped an unusual day on the campaign trail, even as the nomination seems within Trump’s grasp. The billionaire businessman responded to Cruz’s campaign curveball, while also elaborating on a foreign policy speech he delivered earlier in the day, at the forum hosted by Greta Van Susteren.

“I think it’s really a waste of time, honestly,” Trump said of Cruz’s decision to name former presidential candidate and ex-HP CEO Fiorina as his VP pick. Of the race, Trump said, “It should be over.”