After Massive Sweep Trump Declares He is the ‘PRESUMPTIVE NOMINEE’

Donald Trump rolled up victories in five more states on Tuesday, giving the Republican front-runner fresh momentum in his push for the presidential nomination even if his pathway has little room for error.

Though he is short of the required delegates, the New York billionaire declared himself the Republicans‘ “presumptive nominee” after he scored wins in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, Delaware and Rhode Island — all five states that held GOP primary contests Tuesday. He performed well across nearly all ages and education levels.

“This is really something special. It’s a movement,” Trump said on Fox News before polls closed.

Anticipating a big night for Trump, chief rival Ted Cruz retreated to next-up Indiana days ago. The Texas senator and Ohio Gov. John Kasich are fighting to deny Trump the delegate majority and force a contested national convention this summer.


“I got good news for you,” Cruz told cheering supporters at an Indianapolis rally. “Tonight this campaign moves back to more favorable terrain.”