New California Primary Poll: Trump 41, Cruz 23, Kasich 21

A new online poll of 1,165 Republicans in California shows businessman Donald Trump leading

41 to 23 percent in the California primary.

The result echoes a recent YouGov/CBS poll that showed Trump leading Cruz by 18 points, 49 to 31. However, the Capitol Weekly/Sextant Strategies poll used an odd methodology: Politico reports that it worked by “collecting responses via the Internet from registered Republicans for whom email addresses are included in the California voter file.”

The poll, Politico reports, “shows Trump winning in almost every corner of the state, from San Diego and Orange County to northern California and the Bay Area, though some regions have small sample sizes.” There are, however, a few differences. The poll shows Trump leading Cruz in the Central Valley, 35 to 28, though Cruz has led Trump there in every other poll. It also shows Trump doing best in the Inland Empire, with 49 percent, though other polls show that as Cruz’s strongest region.