Trump Wins NY; Cruz Now All But Locked Out of First-Ballot Win at Convention

Ted Cruz’s faint hopes for a first-ballot Republican convention victory are all but mathematically impossible, thanks to Donald Trump’s landslide New York win Tuesday.

The senator from Texas, reeling from a bruising third-place finish, now needs to win almost every delegate awarded in upcoming primaries to reach the 1,237 needed for nomination at the July convention.

Cruz was in danger of getting shut out in the crucial New York delegate race. Trump won 84 of the 95 delegates at stake and was expected to win at least six more. Gov. John Kasich of Ohio picked up two and also could get more.

Trump now has 840 delegates. Cruz has 559 and Kasich 146.

With 88 percent of New York’s precincts counted, Trump had more than 60 percent of the vote, overwhelming Kasich, who had about 25 percent, and Cruz, who had about 15 percent.

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