Is Hillary Angling to Be the First Black Female President?

When it comes to pandering nobody does it better than Hillary Clinton – who is desperate to become the nation’s first black female president.

In her latest outreach to New York City’s black voters, Mrs. Clinton told hip-hop radio show hosts that she carries a bottle of hot sauce in her purse.

It was an apparent homage to a lyric in “Formation,” Beyonce’s latest hit song. Or as Hot Sauce Hillary calls her, “Bay-on-say.” But I’ll get to that little faux pas later.

“I got hot sauce in my bag, swag,” is how the song goes.

Mrs. Clinton’s revelation that she likes it a little spicy came as a surprise to the hosts of Power 105.1’s Breakfast Club.

Here’s a transcript of the conversation between Hot Sauce Hillary and the hosts of Breakfast Club on Power 105.1:

Angela: “What’s something that you always carry with you?”

Mrs. Clinton: “Hot sauce…”

Well, it turns out that she really does like hot sauce – a lot.

The Clinton campaign confirmed to Time magazine that Mrs. Clinton enjoys an array of spicy foods – from chili flakes to jalapenos. To be fair her love affair with hot sauce goes back 20 years. Her current favorite is apparently something called “Ninja Squirrel.”

Regardless, her on-air admission was met with skepticism in the media.

It was a “clear attempt to snag New York’s black vote,” TMZ opined.

I would’ve demanded that she produce the bottle – but that’s probably why she refuses to come onto my radio program.