OCCUPY WALL STREET Returns to Help Bernie Over Hillary

The street thugs and economically illiterate crazies of the Occupy Wall Street movement have returned to New York to help their radical hero Bernie Sanders win the Empire State’s critical Democratic Party presidential primary contest this week.

“Bernie’s campaign — like the [Bill] de Blasio campaign [for New York mayor in 2013], like the [Elizabeth] Warren campaign [for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts in 2012] — are lineal descendants of Occupy,” said Bob Master, who is political director for the Communications Workers of America and co-chairman of the ACORN-affiliated Working Families Party.

“These campaigns, and Sanders most dramatically, are Occupy Wall Street translated into electoral politics,” Master told CNN. “This is the revolt of the 99 percent.”

Master believes Verizon workers, who were involved in an intense contract battle when Occupy arose in 2011, are benefiting from the media hype and radicalism that are part and parcel of the new Occupy protests. Sanders joined striking Verizon employees on a Brooklyn picket line last week. 

“Occupy Wall Street helped create the political climate that helped Bernie’s message to resonate so widely, simply by shining a spotlight on issues of Wall Street greed and income inequality,” said Sanders campaign mouthpiece Karthik Ganapathy.

“We’ve been able to tap into the energy of [Occupy] and channel that into something tangible and concrete and forward-looking,” he said. “They’re here [working on the campaign]. I see them, I see a lot of them volunteering, making phone calls, knocking on doors. It’s a natural fit.”

Occupy’s list of complaints about America has always mirrored Sanders’ own.