‘I Thought She was Drunk’: More Details on the FRAUD Michelle Fields Hoax

Prosecutors in Palm Beach County, Florida announced Thursday that a potential criminal battery case against Donald Trump’s campaign manager is dead in the water, calling into question the version of events presented by a reporter who filed the criminal complaint.

One witness told police his eyes were fixed on Michelle Fields, the journalist who claimed Corey Lewandowski battered her – and her actions ‘looked like a fraudulent slip-and-fall.’

Police in Jupiter, Florida released video of their interview with Michael Spellman on Thursday, along with a more formal statement that he wrote immediately afterward.

Spellman, the president of a glass technology company based in Jupiter, says on camera that Fields’ reaction to Lewandowski separating her from Trump after a March 8 press conference was ‘disproportionate’ and ‘bizarre.’

‘At first I thought she was drunk,’ he recalled.

State Attorney Dave Aronberg and his chief assistant Adrienne Ellis considered Spellman’s statement along with those of other witnesses, ultimately finding that there was conflicting evidence that would kill their chances of convicting Lewandowski.

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