Jim McLaughlin to Newsmax: Biden Weaponizes Gov’t

Speaking to Newsmax on Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s recent CNN appearance and alluding to the criminal trials brought against former President Donald Trump, pollster Jim McLaughlin asserted that President Joe Biden stands as the biggest threat to American democracy.

When asked by CNN on Monday who was the biggest threat to American democracy in 2024, Kennedy referenced the lawsuit he was a plaintiff in, which accused the Biden administration of colluding with social media companies to censor information.

In regards to this, McLaughlin told “The Chris Salcedo Show” to “think about what’s happened.”

“Somebody with the last name Kennedy — Robert F. Kennedy’s son — is accusing the Democrats of being the ones that are the threats to democracy. That’s how crazy the Biden Democrats are. They censor their opponents, and they use the government to censor their opponents.

“But the worst part about this is what are they doing? They’re trying to throw [former President] Donald Trump off the ballot. Think about that now. Thankfully, unanimously, the Supreme Court stepped in on that. This is Third World dictatorship stuff and then they’re using their warfare and police state tactics now to try to put Donald Trump in jail because they know they can’t beat Donald Trump on the issues.”


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