Fred Fleitz to Newsmax: Biden Put US at ‘Dire Risk’ With Border

President Joe Biden has “put our national security at dire risk” through his border policies that have allowed an estimated 11 million people to enter the United States during his administration, Fred Fleitz, a National Security Council chief of staff under former President Donald Trump, said Sunday. 

That included an unknown number of suspected terrorists, he added.

“An estimated 11 million illegal aliens have crossed the border during the Biden administration,” Fleitz told Newsmax’s “Sunday Agenda.” “[Of those,] 1.6 million were got-aways.”

Last week, eight suspects from Tajikistan with suspected ties to ISIS who crossed the U.S. southern border in 2023 were arrested, and Fleitz commented that it only took four such terrorists to pull off the fire and massacre at a Moscow concert hall in March. 

He added that with 1.6 million migrants who have gotten away, “think about how many terrorist members and criminals, how many Chinese intelligence officers, intelligence officers from Cuba and Iran, North Korea have crossed into this country illegally.”

But Biden has not honored his most important responsibility to keep the United States safe from foreign threats, and “we’re just seeing the development, the consequences of his failure to defend our country,” Fleitz said. 

The rise in the number of immigrants is also causing crime to rise in the United States because there is no way law enforcement and intelligence professionals can have the records for everyone. 

“Our intelligence agencies don’t have records on potential terrorist members who may be low-level from such a distant country Tajikistan,” said Fleitz. “We only found out they were apparently associated with ISIS because we intercepted their phone calls and they were talking about making bombs and the Boston Marathon bombing.

“It’s individuals like this who shouldn’t be admitted to our country at all or they should apply — and there should be a substantial process, including interviews on whether we want to whether we want to let them in — they shouldn’t simply be waved through. That’s what’s happening.”


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