Cygnal Poll: Black Voters Fleeing Biden, Democrats

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President Joe Biden and Democrats are losing support among Black voters, according to a new poll of 39 battleground congressional districts.

A new survey conducted in 20 states by Cygnal shows that Black voters are frustrated that Democrats are appeasing leftists instead of looking out for their concerns.

“Democrats are in trouble with Black voters, as the number of those saying the Democrat Party is more extreme than the Republican Party has increased by 20% since March,” Cygnal Vice President of Polling Brock McCleary told the Washington Examiner.

“Biden is similarly in trouble, with over a third having an unfavorable view of the president, and it’s largely because they’re most concerned with the cost of living and not ideological issues like climate change and election integrity that his administration has chosen to prioritize.”

Inflation, the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza, Title IX, and the southern border are issues hurting Biden, the Cygnal survey showed.

“It’s troubling that a third of Democrats used the word ‘justified’ to describe their view of the pro-Palestinian protests while less than half that amount would describe them as offensive,” McCleary said. “But it’s clear those Democrats are ideological outliers when over 80% oppose the protests outright and support the police clearing out their encampments.

“Biden continues to needlessly alienate voters, especially with key groups like parents. His push for new Title IX rules is the latest example. Over 60% of parents oppose requiring universities to give biological males who identify as female the same rights and protections as biological females.”

Zogby poll results showed last week that one in three young Black and Hispanic voters claimed to go without food at least one day last month under Bidenomics. According to that poll, 34% of Black voters ages 18-24 experienced food insecurity in the past month, making them nearly five times as likely as voters ages 55-69 to go hungry.

Former President Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, is benefiting from dissatisfaction with Biden by Black voters and women.

“Among key voter groups like college-educated women, married women, and black voters, Trump’s approval has also jumped 5%,” McCleary said.

Trump also is helped by voters remembering the four years of his administration.

“Nostalgia for Trump’s first term continues to gain steam. Battleground voters now give Trump positive job approval for his four years in the White House while disapproval of Biden remains high,” McCleary said.

Cygnal poll results showed Trump ahead of Biden 47% to 45% in a head-to-head meeting. However, Trump’s approval in the eyes of likely voters has increased to 48% to Biden’s 37%.

Poll results this week from The New York Times, Siena College, and The Philadelphia Inquirer showed Trump leading Biden in five key battleground states expected to go a long way in determining this year’s race for the White House: Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, and Pennsylvania.

The Cygnal survey was conducted among 1,500 likely general election voters.

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