Leverage online consumer behavior and pixel re-targeting to place your offers directly in front of your target audience. 
  • Facebook’s platform contains one of the most massive collections of consumer data in today’s marketplace. With over 2 billion active users in 2018 (Sprout Social), it can serve as the ultimate asset for a business owner who knows how to properly leverage it.
  • Most businesses have a Facebook page and thereby believe that they’re operating in the capacity of the producer. However, the irony is, that unless they are utilizing hyper-targeted Facebook Advertising, they are still missing out on Facebook’s consumer reach.
  • Facebook operates through very precise algorithms. It knows what pages you like, what posts you like and share, what you spend time looking at, what you click on, and even your location. Even deeper yet, it compiles all this data and your specific tendencies to build behavior-based groups (such as “Frequent Online Buyers”), which advertisers can now target in addition to targeting standard demographics (age, gender, interests, income, etc.).
  • This massive database has endless innovative strategies, such as retargeting people who have previously visited a website or clicked on an ad, split-testing marketing campaigns, and detailed campaign reporting.