Man Wins Miss Maryland USA, Sparking Debate

Bailey Anne Kennedy made controversy this past Saturday by becoming the first biological man to win the Miss Maryland USA pageant. According to the official Miss Maryland account on Instagram.

Speaking with DC News Now, Kennedy said the win was like “a whirlwind” and that he knew it was “bigger than me.” He hopes his victory will be “a delicious invitation” for LGBT kids who feel different or like they don’t belong to be themselves. Kennedy’s next goal is to compete in the Miss USA pageant.

On her website, Kennedy explained that marrying an active-duty Marine officer changed his life, forcing him to accept that his commitment to the country would always come first and his career aspirations second. However, when the Miss Universe Organization lifted its traditional age and marital status restrictions as Kennedy turned 30, he saw it as a sign that they were ready to crown someone like him.

Many people have expressed concerns about the fairness of allowing transgenders to compete against biological females in pageants and other gender-segregated areas like sports. Critics argue that transgender women may have physical advantages due to their male biology, even after transitioning.

This marks another major setback to women activities as their male counterparts win awards that should be going to women.

As the debate continues, Kennedy’s victory undoubtedly marks a significant woke shift in the world of beauty pageants and raises complex questions about American society.