Loaded Gun Found on Student at Franklin High School

A loaded firearm was recovered from a student at Franklin High School, according to a letter sent to parents by Principal Kieran O’Connell. The disturbing incident has raised serious safety concerns.

The school received a report that a student may have had a gun in their possession. The school resource officer (SRO) and administrators immediately located the student in question and conducted a search, recovering a loaded firearm.

“Possession of any weapon on school property is a serious offense, and the student will receive consequences aligned with state law, the BCPS Student Handbook and Board policy,” O’Connell stated in the letter.

The principal expressed deep disappointment over the “reckless actions” of the student involved. There was an increased police presence at the school at dismissal time as a precautionary measure.

O’Connell stressed the importance of all students, parents and staff remaining vigilant and reporting any suspicious behavior or potential threats to authorities. “We all have a role to play in ensuring that our school remains a safe and secure learning environment for our children,” the letter stated.

The incident serves as a grave reminder that weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited on school grounds, with harsh disciplinary and legal consequences for violations. “Our focus is on providing a safe and orderly environment…the safety of our students and staff is our top priority,” O’Connell affirmed.

School officials are cooperating fully with law enforcement as they investigate this extremely concerning security breach. Additional measures may be implemented to further enhance campus safety protocols and prevent any future incidents involving weapons.