Severna Park Teacher Faces Additional Charges in Child Sex Abuse Case

The case against Matthew Schlegel, a former third-grade teacher at Severna Park Elementary School accused of sexually abusing multiple students, has escalated with additional charges filed against him.

Schlegel, who was initially arrested last month and charged with 36 counts related to the inappropriate touching of eight students, now faces a total of 55 charges – 20 of which are felonies. Among the new charges are 11 counts of child sex abuse.

The updated indictment confirms many of the disturbing details first reported by Project Baltimore back in April. Court records allege that Schlegel inappropriately touched students from August 2022 up until March 2024 when the first allegations surfaced and he was removed from the classroom.

According to charging documents, much of the alleged abuse occurred during school hours right in Schlegel’s third-grade classroom. Prosecutors have described the 39-year-old as “crafty” and “skilled at grooming children,” accusing him of using candy and his “beloved” status as a teacher to prey on victims.

Despite pleas from around 30 supporters, including his wife, parents, and former students, to allow his release on bail or house arrest, Schlegel remains incarcerated without bail as he awaits trial. The judge has denied two separate bail requests, citing the “heinous” nature of the alleged crimes and concern for the mental well-being of the eight alleged victims if Schlegel were freed.

Prosecutors argued forcefully against release, saying Schlegel poses a flight risk. An assistant state’s attorney told the court how the teacher allegedly groomed students over an extended period.

Schlegel has worked for Anne Arundel County Public Schools since 2008, first teaching second grade at Tyler Heights Elementary in Annapolis for eight years before relocating to Severna Park Elementary. His next court appearance for a preliminary hearing is scheduled for June 17th.

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