Brandon Scott Wins Democratic Nomination for Baltimore Mayor

Brandon Scott secured the Democratic nomination for a second term as Baltimore’s mayor, defeating former mayor Sheila Dixon in a hard-fought primary rematch, the Associated Press projected Tuesday night.

With around 70% of precincts reporting, the incumbent Scott held a lead of roughly 5,000 votes over Dixon when the AP called the race, though around 14,000 mail-in ballots have yet to be counted.

“There may be some votes left, but it’s safe to say we’re destined for a second term,” Scott told supporters. “Baltimore, you said clearly your democracy isn’t for sale. You confirmed the naysayers who underestimate our city will never understand what makes Baltimore great.”

While trailing on Election Day voting, Dixon had built an early advantage by performing strongly with mail-in ballots. She insisted the race wasn’t over until those outstanding mail-in votes are tallied on Thursday.

“We’re not giving up. It’s not over until it’s over,” Dixon stated. “There are still 14,000 ballots uncounted that we’ll be monitoring closely.”

In 2020, the roles were reversed as Dixon led on Election Day before Scott overtook her after mail-in votes were added. Dixon confirmed she is not conceding this year’s primary at this stage.

“I’m humbled my supporters expressed their love for me and this city,” Dixon said. “Unfortunately, Baltimore waits until the end to count mail-ins, unlike other counties. We need to change that.”

Despite Scott’s declaration of victory, the outcome won’t be officially certified until the mail-in ballot count is completed later this week in the closely contested primary.