Poll Shows Brandon Scott Leading Baltimore Mayoral Race, Crime Top Voter Concern

According to the latest poll by Goucher, incumbent Mayor Brandon Scott holds a substantial lead in the Baltimore City mayoral race if the election were held today. The poll results show Scott garnering 40% of voter support, followed by former mayor Sheila Dixon at 32%, Thiru Vignarajah at 11%, and Bob Wallace at 3%, with the remaining voters either undecided or favoring other candidates.

Crime and public safety emerged as the most pressing issue among voters, with a staggering 88% considering it a major concern. Affordable housing, litter, and the local tax rate were also identified as significant issues by a majority of respondents.

When asked about the perceived causes of Baltimore’s overall crime rate, 83% of voters labeled “Drugs and substance abuse” as a major factor, while 77% cited “Underfunded schools and a lack of educational opportunities for young residents” as a significant contributor.

Regarding the quality of Baltimore City Public Schools, the poll revealed a concerning perception, with 35% of voters giving the city’s schools a failing grade (F), 22% a D, 22% a C, 12% a B, and only 3% awarding an A.

Additionally, the poll evaluated the responses of elected officials to the recent collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge. Mayor Brandon Scott received a 33% “excellent” rating for his handling of the situation, while Governor Wes Moore garnered a 46% “excellent” rating, and President Joe Biden received a 34% “excellent” rating.

The Goucher poll results highlight the significance of addressing crime and public safety concerns among Baltimore City voters, as well as the need for improvements in education and opportunities for the city’s youth. The mayoral candidates will likely focus their campaigns on these pressing issues as the race progresses.