Orioles Cancel Fan Events in Wake of Tragic Key Bridge Collapse

In the aftermath of the catastrophic collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge, the Baltimore Orioles have announced the cancellation of their open workout and fan rally that had been scheduled for Tuesday evening.

The team took to social media to notify fans of the decision, expressing that the events would no longer take place given the ongoing emergency situation and rescue efforts in the city.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with all those impacted by this morning’s tragic events surrounding the Key Bridge collapse,” read a statement posted to the Orioles’ Twitter account. “Out of respect for the responders faithfully working the scene, we have canceled tonight’s open workout and fan rally at Oriole Park.”

A similar message was shared on the team’s Instagram page, thanking the local first responders for their bravery and heroic actions in the face of such a harrowing incident.

The open workout and fan rally had been planned as opportunities for the Orioles faithful to get an up-close look at the 2024 squad ahead of Opening Day on Thursday, March 28th against the Los Angeles Angels.

However, with the entire community’s focus now squarely on the emergency at the Key Bridge and accounting for all potential victims, the celebratory pregame events were determined to be inappropriate given the solemn circumstances.

The Orioles organization stated that further updates on rescheduling the open workout and fan fest would be provided at a later date, once the situation has been resolved. For now, they join all Marylanders in prayers for the rescue teams and hopes that no further loss of life has occurred.