Officials: 7 Unaccounted For in Francis Scott Key Bridge Tragedy

Officials provided an update this morning regarding the catastrophic collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore. Baltimore City Fire Chief James Wallace stated that around 1:30 AM, emergency crews received a call and arrived at 1:50 AM to find the bridge had completely collapsed.

Rescue operations are currently underway, with teams searching both in and out of the water for up to 7 individuals still reported as missing. So far, crews have been able to extract 2 people from the water, with 1 person in very serious condition transported to a local trauma center.

While an investigation into the cause is ongoing, Police Chief Richard Worley firmly stated there is absolutely no indication this was an act of terrorism or done intentionally.

Mayor Brandon Scott emphasized the priority is rescuing any potential victims, remarking: “Right now there are people in the water that we have to get out, and that’s the only thing we should be talking about.”

This is a developing story, and officials urge citizens to avoid the area as rescue and recovery efforts continue. Further details will be provided as more information becomes available.