Pigtown warehouse ablaze, fire crews battling heavy smoke and flames

Baltimore City firefighters are currently engaged in an intense battle against a two-alarm fire raging in the Pigtown neighborhood. The incident, reported around 1:30 p.m., is centered at the intersection of Bayard and Hamburg Streets, according to the Baltimore City Fire Department.

The active fire involves a large pile of scrap metal, posing a significant challenge for the responding units. Upon arrival, firefighters encountered heavy smoke billowing from a metal warehouse situated at the intersection.

As crews began investigating the conditions, they discovered that the blaze had spread to a sizable stockpile of scrap metal, potentially penetrating an adjoining warehouse, according to fire officials.

Undeterred by the daunting situation, fire companies have initiated exterior operations, deploying hand lines and monitor pipes in an effort to contain the flames. The intense heat and dense smoke have necessitated a strategic approach to tackle the fire effectively.

Authorities have confirmed that no injuries to civilians or firefighters have been reported thus far. However, the Baltimore Office of Emergency Management has urged residents in the vicinity to close windows and doors as a precautionary measure due to the heavy smoke conditions.

As the fire continues to burn, crews remain steadfast in their efforts to bring the situation under control and prevent further escalation. Updates on the progress of the firefighting operations and the potential impact on the surrounding area are expected in the coming hours.