Mayor Brandon Scott demands conditions for Fox 45’s Mayoral Primary Debate participation

An invitation from Fox 45 to host a Democratic Mayoral Primary Debate has prompted incumbent Mayor Brandon Scott to set forth a series of conditions for his participation. In a two-page response, Scott’s campaign criticized the news station, claiming it is “incapable of being impartial and ethical.”

Among the demands listed by Scott’s team are the inclusion of an impartial outside moderator not affiliated with Sinclair Broadcast Group or the current Baltimore Sun ownership. Additionally, they have requested a live primetime TV broadcast of the entire debate and suggested several preferred moderator options.

Political analyst John Dedie views this as “the start of a negotiating tactic” from the mayor’s side. Contrastingly, Scott’s opponent, former Mayor Sheila Dixon, expressed her readiness to debate “anywhere, at any time,” be it in a newsroom or at Druid Hill Park.

Fox 45 News Director David Johns addressed Scott’s concerns, highlighting the newsroom’s honors and awards for investigative reporting. He assured the mayor that “There should be no concerns regarding our commitment to hosting a fair and honest mayoral debate,” adding, “We would expect that you, as an elected official and candidate, would share our commitment to fully informing the public and acting in the public’s best interest.”

Dedie believes that despite the initial resistance, Mayor Scott and Fox 45 will eventually reach an agreement, stating, “Scott didn’t slam the door. He knows, in many ways, it’s gotta be me and her.”