Oil tanks catch on fire at Montgomery County asphalt quarry, officials say

A major fire incident involving hazardous materials is unfolding at a quarry in Rockville, Maryland, where approximately 75 firefighters from Montgomery County have been deployed to battle the blaze.

According to officials, the emergency began before 11:45 a.m. on Thursday when three stationary tanks – two containing liquid asphalt and one with motor oil – caught fire at the FO Day Bituminous Company site on Piney Meetinghouse Road. The burning tanks have produced a heavy plume of smoke visible from miles away.

As of 12:50 p.m., fire crews remained actively engaged in extinguishing the flames while managing the hazardous materials situation. However, Montgomery County authorities have stated there is no immediate danger to the surrounding area at this time.

The incident has prompted a large-scale response with firefighters working to contain the fire and mitigate any environmental impacts from the burning asphalt and oil products.

While an investigation into the cause of the fire is forthcoming, the top priority remains bringing the situation under control and ensuring the safety of emergency responders and the local community.

Residents in the vicinity are advised to avoid the area around the quarry until further notice from officials. Developing updates on containment efforts and any related hazmat concerns are expected throughout the day.