Baltimore County Police to activate six new speed cameras in five local school zones

Heads up, Baltimore County drivers – the police department is activating multiple new speed cameras in school zones starting this Monday, March 18, 2024. A total of six new camera locations will go live across five different school zones.

The new speed cameras will be monitoring the following areas:

  • Lamb of God School on the 4400 block of Ridge Avenue (eastbound)
  • The Jemicy School on the 11200 block of Garrison Forest Road (north and southbound)
  • Scotts Branch Elementary School on the 3600 block of Rolling Road (northbound)
  • Notre Dame Preparatory School on the 800 block of Hampton Lane (eastbound)
  • Perry Hall Middle School on the 4300 block of Ebenezer Road (eastbound)

For the first 30 days after activation, motorists exceeding the posted speed limit by 12 mph or more in these zones will receive warnings instead of citations. However, once the warning period concludes, fines will be issued.

All speed camera locations are clearly marked with visible signage to alert drivers. Per state law, the cameras will be operational Monday through Friday between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m., including during summer months and holidays when schools are not in session.

Baltimore County law enforcement stresses the importance of adhering to posted speed limits in school zones to ensure the safety of students, faculty and residents in those areas. Drivers are advised to be vigilant for the new camera locations starting next week.