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Maine Mass Shooter Had ‘Significant’ Brain Damage ‘Likely’ Caused From Exposure To Over 10,000 Grenade Blasts: Reports

Post-mortem analysis has revealed that the man responsible for killing 18 people in Maine late last year had significant brain damage likely linked to his military service, according to experts.

The gunman, whom The Daily Wire is not naming, showed signs of traumatic brain injury consistent with prolonged exposure to explosive blasts, said Dr. Ann McKee of the Boston University CTE Center.

As a U.S. Army reservist and grenade range instructor, the man was exposed to over 10,000 grenade detonations, the New York Times reported.

“He had evidence of traumatic brain injury,” stated McKee after studying his brain at the request of the Maine Chief Medical Examiner’s office. “In the white matter…there was significant degeneration, axonal and myelin loss, inflammation, and small blood vessel injury.”

While unable to definitively tie his brain damage to the rampage, McKee noted “brain injury likely played a role in his symptoms” based on prior blast injury research.

According to his family, the man rapidly deteriorated mentally and physically in 2022, losing hearing, weight and becoming paranoid that others viewed him as a pedophile.

In a statement, they expressed remorse for the victims while thanking McKee for “helping us understand his brain damage and how it may have impacted his mental health and behavior.”

The findings highlight the need for greater traumatic brain injury awareness and support for military members exposed to blasts and head impacts during service.

While not excusing the tragic violence, the case underscores potential connections between combat-related brain trauma and disturbing behavioral changes that require further study to identify warning signs and provide appropriate interventions.