Leaked Files From Transgender Medical Org Show ‘Medical Malpractice’

Explosive leaked files from the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) confirm what many have long suspected – the organization peddles ideological activism camouflaged as objective medical guidance, putting countless vulnerable youth at grave risk.

An investigation by Environmental Progress reveals the disturbing reality behind WPATH’s carefully curated veneer of scientific legitimacy. Rather than evidence-based standards governed by the Hippocratic principle of “first, do no harm,” the files show a flagrant disregard for medical ethics as WPATH members casually conduct uncontrolled experiments on children.

These activists in doctors’ robes arrogantly flout basic patient protections in their zeal to fast-track youth gender transitions with puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and disfiguring surgeries – all while shrouding the life-altering procedures in utter absence of long-term study.

Even WPATH’s own members acknowledge the profound uncertainties, with one psychologist admitting kids often lack true comprehension of the permanence of becoming sterile and disfigured. An endocrinologist shockingly divulged adolescent patients dismiss the gravity of losing reproductive function with a dismissive “ew” about having children.

Yet this same cavalier attitude pervades the so-called “standard of care,” which rubberstamps transgender interventions based on a mere self-declared “identity” regardless of underlying mental unwellness. One therapist confessed writing surgery approval letters for literally every single patient referred – including the mentally ill.

When transgender recipients inevitably experience complications like cancerous tumors, libido loss, chronic infections, or physical trauma, WPATH depravingly downplays such disastrous irreversible harm as just another phase in the “gender journey.” This is not medicine, but un-consented experimentation on minors.

Worse, the disclosed materials confirm WPATH is neither a medical nor scientific authority, but a deviant ideological pressure group demanding its quackery be blindly accepted by legitimate healthcare bodies like the AAP, APA, and AMA. The exposure of a former WPATH chair denouncing it as “dominated by politics and ideology” leaves no doubt.

This activist cabal’s utter lack of intellectual honesty is perhaps best exemplified by the farcical “informed consent” model – which grooms and coerces dysphoric youth into mutilating treatments they cannot possibly comprehend. It’s not consent when the subjects cannot grasp reality.

Conservatives must demand WPATH’s corrosive anti-science agenda be utterly repudiated before this pernicious organization’s mutilation-for-profit syndicate permanently disfigures another generation of kids. Malpractice and systematic child abuse have no place masquerading as “gender-affirming care.” Real medicine heals – it doesn’t maim the vulnerable.