Maryland school district accused of training substitutes on student gender identities

The radical leftist indoctrination infecting public schools is on full display in Maryland’s largest district, where substitute teacher applicants are apparently quizzed on transgender ideology.

Photos surfaced this week of Montgomery County’s absurd training slides coaching substitutes to embrace the left’s radical gender agenda. Topics include arbitrary terms like “cisgender” and instructions to affirm even young children’s claims of being “transgender” or “non-binary.”

This blatant indoctrination is guised as “inclusivity” to dupe naive liberals. In truth, it’s designed to convert substitutes into foot soldiers for progressives’ mission to reshape society and morality.

The materials order substitutes to refer to kids by invented pronouns and identities, no matter how young they are or if parents object. Substitutes are expected to be accomplices in this social engineering scheme.

Not surprisingly, middle schoolers in the district identify as “non-binary” at astronomical rates after being bombarded by this propaganda. Impressionable kids are treated as pawns for progressives to mold as they see fit.

Parents are right to be outraged at such brazen politicization of classrooms. Public schools should teach kids how to think critically, not force feed them radical ideologies.

Conservatives must push back against this indoctrination threatening children’s wellbeing and parental rights. The classroom is for education, not advancing social agendas. Our kids deserve better than to be casualties in the left’s culture war.