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Illegal Alien Crime Getting So Bad In NYC That Democrat Mayor Adams Wants To Modify Sanctuary Status

New York City Mayor Eric Adams said this week that surging illegal immigrant crime may require modifying the city’s sanctuary policies so police can cooperate with ICE on deporting violent criminals.

“We should not allow repeat offenders to remain here without collaborating with ICE,” Adams said Monday. “If you commit a violent felony, we should be able to turn you over for deportation.”

His remarks follow the release of illegal immigrants who assaulted NYPD officers due to sanctuary rules. They later fled the state before federal authorities arrested them in Arizona.

“I would have assumed they wouldn’t release those who attack police, but they did,” said a Maricopa County attorney.

Adams’ comments reflect growing concerns over illegal immigrant crime under President Biden nationwide. Over 7 million have entered during his tenure as border crossings surged.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection reports more criminals at the border as well. The crisis has become a top voter issue ahead of Biden’s rematch with former President Donald Trump.

The situation highlights tensions between sanctuary city policies and rising crime. Adams’ proposal to cooperate with ICE on violent offenders reflects efforts to balance compassionate policies with public safety. Further debate is likely on immigration enforcement approaches.