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WATCH: Senate Majority Leader Schumer, A Democrat, Waves Flag Of Communist China

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) participated in a ceremonial waving of the Chinese flag at New York City’s Chinese Lunar New Year parade on Sunday.

As China’s national anthem played during the parade, Schumer briefly placed his hand over his heart. He later held up both the Chinese flag and American flag together and waved them at the crowd.

Schumer appeared on stage alongside Chinese Ambassador Huang Ping and consular official Wu Xiaoming. The event organizers played the anthem and incorporated the Chinese flag per tradition.

The brief display drew some criticism from conservatives, who argued it was inappropriate for Schumer to wave a foreign nation’s flag. Supporters say he was participating in cultural festivities honoring Chinese Americans.

The senator’s mere presence alongside Chinese diplomats was also controversial given tensions between the US and China. His participation highlighted divides over how American politicians should engage with China amid human rights concerns.

Schumer has not directly addressed the criticism over his involvement in the parade ceremony. His office stated he regularly attends Lunar New Year events in NYC to recognize the Asian American community.