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Investigation Launched After Explosive Device Detonated Outside Of Republican Attorney General’s Office

The radical left has once again resorted to their favorite tactic – violence and intimidation – in an apparent effort to punish Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall for defending the sanctity of life.

An explosive device was detonated outside Marshall’s office this weekend in an act of domestic terrorism. While thankfully no one was harmed, the vicious bombing makes the left’s depraved agenda painfully clear.

Attorney General Marshall is a stalwart champion for protecting the most vulnerable. He recently praised Alabama’s Supreme Court for upholding that human life begins at conception. This principled stand enraged pro-abortion zealots determined to maintain their brutal status quo.

The unhinged left continues proving they will sink to any violent low to infringe upon the God-given right to life. their barbaric obsession with unrestricted abortion leads them to justify murdering the defenseless unborn while also terrorizing defenders of the innocent like AG Marshall.

Decent Americans must condemn this reprehensible attack and all violent extremism from the radical leftist mob. We cannot be cowed or silenced by bombs and bloodshed. Marshall and all pro-life warriors will not back down from fighting to end the scourge of abortion.

This bomb only reaffirms the importance of defeating the left’s pro-death agenda. We must peacefully but resolutely stand for life at every turn. With God’s grace, the forces of evil and violence will not prevail.