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Illegal Alien Who Entered U.S. Under Biden Arrested For Sexual Assault On Young Girl

Biden’s Failed Policies Allow Illegal Alien to Allegedly Rape Child in Virginia

The preventable crisis at our border has now brought horrific criminal consequences to Virginia. A 32-year-old illegal alien from Venezuela was arrested last week for the alleged sexual assault of a minor in Campbell County.

Authorities revealed the perpetrator, Renzo Mendoza Montes, entered the U.S. illegally just last September. Yet due to Biden’s lax enforcement, he was released into our communities rather than detained or deported as he should have been.

This alleged child rape would never have happened if Biden secured the border and enforced immigration law, rather than opening the floodgates. Tragically, this victim joins the countless Americans suffering due to Biden’s dangerous negligence.

Governor Glenn Youngkin rightly demanded prosecution to the fullest extent of the law. But this is ultimately Biden’s failure, along with the Democrats who empower this lawlessness. Their radical agenda has produced nothing but chaos at the border and rising crime from their favored illegal migrants.

With over 7 million illegals admitted on Biden’s watch, Americans have resoundingly rejected his immigration disaster. Now his last-minute trip to the border reeks of desperation and illusion. Biden created this crisis – he cannot disguise his role with election year stunts.

The solution is simple – restore Trump’s tough border policies and stop indulging open-borders zealots. Until then, the Democrats own every criminal released into our country. Virginians and all Americans deserve leaders who put safety first, not lawless anarchy.