Baltimore Residents Voice Frustrations Over Police Response to Property Crimes

A Baltimore City resident claims police failed to adequately respond after he reported witnessing alleged porch pirates stealing packages near Patterson Park.

Larry Hountz said he observed two men going through about a dozen stolen packages on Patterson Avenue Sunday. Hountz called 911 but asserts the responding officer declined to approach or question the men, despite Hountz providing photos as evidence.

Hountz and other area residents have expressed growing concerns over increased car thefts and break-ins that they feel police are not sufficiently investigating. Many say officers won’t file reports or look into crimes that weren’t captured on camera.

Former Baltimore Deputy Police Commissioner Jason Johnson said the limited response likely stems from understaffing issues, as the department is over 500 officers short of its budgeted positions. He stated the lack of resources prevents thorough investigation of quality of life and property crimes.

In response to the complaints, a Baltimore Police spokesperson said the department takes all reports of criminal activity seriously and investigates within the scope allowed by the evidence provided. Patrol resources are deployed as efficiently as possible to deter crime given current staffing challenges.

While police say they are doing their best under difficult circumstances, residents feel their reports are being ignored and want to see a stronger response. The situation highlights ongoing tensions around public safety and police-community relations in Baltimore.