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Netanyahu Shreds Leftist CBS Host For Promoting Anti-Israel Propaganda: U.S. Would Be ‘Doing A Hell Of A Lot More’ Than Israel In 10/7 Response

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rightfully slammed leftist CBS anchor Margaret Brennan for parroting anti-Israel propaganda from biased organizations like Doctors Without Borders and Save the Children.

Brennan criticized Israel’s justified military campaign against the Hamas terrorists who murdered over 1,200 innocent Israelis and wounded over 5,300 in a horrific attack last October. She cited complaints from President Biden and left-wing NGOs about civilian casualties, ignoring that Hamas terrorists intentionally hide behind Palestinian civilians.

Netanyahu powerfully responded that every civilian death is tragic, noting he lost his own brother in battle and was wounded rescuing hostages. But this war was forced on Israel by depraved Hamas killers who behead children and rape women. Any civilian casualties are purely Hamas’ fault for using civilians as human shields for their terror.

The Prime Minister astutely observed that top U.S. military experts recognize Israel faces an unprecedented challenge uprooting Hamas from among Gaza’s population. If America suffered 20 9/11 attacks in one day, killing 50,000, while 10,000 more were kidnapped, the U.S. would respond far more forcefully than restrained Israel.

Netanyahu affirmed Israel has gone to remarkable lengths to warn Gazan civilians, while Hamas forces them to stay in harm’s way. Israel will achieve total victory over these terrorists, as required for Israeli security and the future of the region. This serves America’s interests too in defeating the Iran/Hamas axis of evil.

Brennan disgraced herself and CBS by criticizing Israel’s justified defense instead of condemning Hamas’ barbaric terror war against innocent Israelis. Netanyahu displayed principled moral clarity in defending Israel’s noble military mission to crush Hamas savagery. Israel stands with civilization while Hamas represents its enemies.