Baltimore mayoral candidate, Sheila Dixon, victim of break-in amidst city’s crime spike

According to police audio, Baltimore police responded to the home of mayoral candidate Sheila Dixon Friday night after someone broke into her detached garage.

Dixon told Fox45 that the burglar stole a bicycle and attempted to take other items. Earlier that day, Dixon had attended a neighborhood crime walk focused on quality-of-life issues like burglaries.

“When I come home or park in my garage, I shouldn’t have to feel nervous and look around. No one should in their own neighborhood,” Dixon said.

In Dixon’s neighborhood recently, a car was stolen and a person carjacked at gunpoint. “That’s why we need to deal with quality of life crimes like burglaries, car thefts and carjackings. People don’t feel safe and it’s very frustrating,” Dixon said.

This week, Mayor Brandon Scott praised the fact that homicides and shootings are down. However, when asked about quality-of-life crimes, he blamed the justice system, claiming police arrest repeat offenders who continue to be released.

Dixon disagreed with the mayor’s take. “I know police are focused on violent offenders, and we have to do that, but there needs to be a balance,” she said.